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August 8, 2019
Useful Tips For Custom Module Development In Drupal

Here are the few tips that is useful while developing any Drupal custom module, 1) Write required information and small description into file, like Module Name, Package Name and Version Information and Dependencies, Name, Description and Package should be your

October 21, 2018
Top 10 Reasons To Use Drupal 6

I have been working on Drupal since last 16 months and have learned right from basics to final development experience in Drupal, i am going to share my experience with drupal versions i have used and why i prefer using

April 25, 2013
Gloscon Completes 6 Years In Business

It has been now 6 years for me running and slowly and organically growing Gloscon. From Dad's apartment to rented place in early days we now have 3 offices in Gujarat and now run multiple ventures. Students and IT Professionals

March 3, 2011
Drupal Support Demand Picking Up : How To Find Quality Help

Drupal 7 release has been very well received by international clients. We have already developed 5 sites in Drupal 7 and are working on few more. I recently engaged an intern and asked him to review current state of Drupal

September 8, 2010
Drupal And Twitter Integration Using OAuth

From 31st August twitter Basic Auth has been deprecated ( , In many of our products we are posting dynamic content into twitter using drupal's twitter module. We have followed following steps to make it works using oAuth module. Uninstall

August 12, 2010
Our Young Project Managers Are Rocking!

I have always believed in decentralizing responsibilities.  You have got to promote young talent. There is always an inherent risk of sharing too much information but in these four years, I have never felt that not sharing business information to

May 7, 2010
Drupal And Third Party Membership Application Integration

Drupal supports MySql & PostgreSQL database, while our recent client have some security problem so that they don't want to store any registered members details into site's database. They want to use their local network's Windows Server to store membership

April 28, 2010
Lot Of Excitement In LDRP Students For Open Source Technologies – Drupal, Ruby On Rails And Zencart

Our office got a call from student division of LDRP, Gandhinagar last week - a relatively new engineering college inviting us to present in Drupal, Rails and Open Source technologies in general. I had never heard of this college earlier

November 9, 2009
Drupal 6x & Drupal 5x Multi-Site Environment Coexists After Migration

One of our client had its intranet environment build in Drupal 5x. They decided to migrate to Drupal 6. Old Drupal 5 environment was a multi-site environment hosting three intranet website. The main website was common corporate intranet website and

September 25, 2009
Quick And Instant Paid Support For Drupal

At Gloscon, we understand customers needs thoroughly. As we all know no project in this universe can be done for once and forever. Often after deployment or completion of web projects customers do need an ongoing support and support for