Ruby On Rails SEO

Ruby on Rails has been around for years. Earlier version of Linkedin was built using Ruby on Rails. Today Shopify, Twitter, Github, Airbnb, Slideshare and many top sites run Ruby on Rails.  A lot of applications of Changi Airport run on Ruby on Rails.

Yet, when it goes to SEO, it gets tricky in Rails.  Although Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework and certainly enterprise grade, there are no straight out of the box SEO specific gems or core functionality that can help you with on page optimization in Ruby on Rails. WordPress has many tools Yoast SEO, Rankmath ,All-in-one SEO which helps any site significantly improve its rankings.  But when it comes to Ruby on  Rails, it is a lot of gems put together and some custom coding.

A great website is useless if nobody can find it. The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned with increasing a site’s ranking in major search engines for maximum visibility. Rails House employs a variety of SEO techniques to help improve your site’s visibility and increase web traffic. An SEO expert can analyze and decide effective keywords to promote your website and this is what we do at RailsHouse.

We can provide you expert ides in different aspects like on page optimization, link building, off page optimization, keyword analysis, visitors analysis. We can provide you services like Getting your website in the top of search engines. To give your website targeted visitors. Optimize your website on the basis of keywords Matching your products and services to generate high search engines rankings Create your entity online to make you familiar in the World Wide Web.