Company Profile


Gloscon had a humble beginning when a young Entrepreneur Mr. Roshan Shah, who was associated with some of the top notch companies of the IT industry such as L&T Infotech, IBM, HP, decided to leave his blue collar job to start his own firm in Canada. With a vision to create a company that would be dealing in only the cutting edge technologies, Gloscon was born in the year 2005.

Since then, Gloscon has been growing from strength to strength achieving one milestone after other.



Gloscon got a shot in the arm when a seasoned professional Mr. Len Layton decided to join Gloscon as a Sales Director. Len brings with himself a rich experience of 15 years in high technology industry. Prior to joining Gloscon, Len represented companies such as C-Media and Dolby Labs.

Environment inside Gloscon is healthy buzzing with mix of people with different backgrounds such as software engineers, web designers and management graduates. We have an international workforce of over 20 employees of different nationalities. Gloscon is truly an international company that gives a global experience to its employees.



Gloscon has opened up 2 subsidiaries 1. Openkick Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and 2. Gujarat Hosting Pvt. Ltd. in India.Openkick will provide Incubation and Training services for Drupal and RoR projects. Gujarat Hosting provides Web Hosting and Infrastructure Monitoring services to Local as well as International clients.

Apart from that Gloscon have established alliances with Gujjuchaps, an Ahmedabad based group which is providing hiring solutions.



Gloscon has prepared its strategy of growth keeping its customers at the centre. Our quality policy and proven business process makes sure that our customers get the best of our services.

Our customer include Fortune 500 companies and startups. Some of the companies include Sun Microsystems, MDS Inc., LA2DAY magazine, Sondigo Inc., Luxury Marketing Council etc.

We are also associated with some of the non-profit projects such as the Sun Microsystems sponsored “Open Architecture Network ”, Club Fat Ass – a canadian non-profit sports club.


Best Practices

Gloscon is an innovative web-design and development company bringing you products that are closer to your web development needs. So if you want the flexibility or modularity of Drupal to create a e-commerce, community or corporate site or a framework for developing database backed web application in Ruby on Rails , we have it all.

With an array of products, from web designing to SEO, we make sure that all your web related needs are satisfied. With a satisfied clients list ranging from the Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we know exactly what our customers want.