Drupal Layout Design

Your company’s website reflects the image and vision of the company to your potential customers. If your website is not attracting, having less traffic and producing less results, then the problem might be with its design. The base of any website is its layout. The layout should always be attractive. Gloscon is your solution for Drupal Services. Gloscon is specialised and leading provider of Drupal Services in developing user-friendly as well as attractive websites based on the requirements of its clients.

Our designs take into consideration the strategic objective of the company. We also make sure that the website is ranked highly in all major search engines to give our clients maximum exposure and help them in establishing an effective web presence.

Our design process begins by consulting the client on their goals for the site, as well as any design ideas they may have. We then present a design proposal to the client, and tweak it with them until it is finalized. Once the layout is prepared we convert it into a functional, standards-compliant Drupal theme. Our designs reflect your corporate identity. We will start our service by consulting you and collecting all information like photographs, graphics and use all the things to create your layout design.