Rails Application Support

Application Monitoring

Railshouse Monitors ALL requests to a Ruby on Rails web application, alerting when slow web.
We will monitor the following things
1) The CPU usage as will as give you idea about the user experience for your site.
2) Behaviour of your application at different times
3) Time taken for page rendering
4) Response time between production and development environment
And so on wich will optimize your site performance.


Performance Tuning

Once you’ve built an application, you’re likely to want to improve its performance. Ruby on Rails has several caching methods to help you.

Sometimes, however, you need to modify the queries Active Record creates, or create manual ones, to improve performance.
We will help you in this. and improve the performance of site. We analyze your application’s performance to determine where improvements are needed.
We enhance performance by rewriting specific portions of a program to run faster.


Site Enhancements

Components & Modules to enhance the existing functionality of your site, including extensions that can improve your search engine optimization.

Perhaps you already have a web site but would like to make it more effective Or maybe you have in-house staff that do your web site development and you just need some fresh ideas Or do you need some help researching technology options for your web-related operations….? Railshouse can help you.

Our extensive professional knowledge and practical expertise is available to you through our consulting services.

We can recommend web site hosting solutions, develop clean information architecture structures, analyze site effectiveness, and recommend design or marketing strategies to improve the profitability and usefulness of your web presence.