Gloscon Completes 6 Years In Business

It has been now 6 years for me running and slowly and organically growing Gloscon. From Dad’s apartment to rented place in early days we now have 3 offices in Gujarat and now run multiple ventures.

Students and IT Professionals ask me – what it takes to get to work with Gloscon. My answer is simple

1) Be Careful with your ethics, integrity and attitude. You need to have stable employment record and clear background check with past employers.

2) Be Careful when you move out of Gloscon. Client’s data, passwords, business secrets, IP Rights, Code all have to be handed over and destroyed. No compromise there.

We have set very high benchmarks in our line of business. With over 2,50,000 resumes with us and more applications coming every day in our careers box and walk-ins, we do give more importance to “Attitude” over “Skills”. Skills can be groomed, but attitude can’t be changed.

While it is okay to do mistake (that is sign that you are trying / innovating), there is no place for mischief. We go hard on such cases no matter how senior the resource may be.

Being in India, we have tried and maintained nearly 50% women employment also and we have very safe and cordial workplace culture.

It is hard work for 6 years and I am happy to see the results and organization culture of having very disciplined workforce. We call spade a spade and don’t take shortcuts. Revenues are secondary and providing right solutions to clients is and have always been a top priority for us.

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