Quick And Instant Paid Support For Drupal

At Gloscon, we understand customers needs thoroughly. As we all know no project in this universe can be done for once and forever. Often after deployment or completion of web projects customers do need an ongoing support and support for minor enhancement and new features. Some customer signup for ongoing support after completion of projects while others wish to do it inhouse. Often, customers having inhouse team tend to seek an expert opinion or review or guidance on their Drupal implementation. A quick paid support on Drupal by an expert prove to be of great help to them.

An individual and organisation using Drupal but struggling with:

  • how to add a new features on site
  • unsure to use CCK or design a category
  • which module to install
  • warning or error messages on top of every page bothering you
  • how to get bug fixed or minor enhancement done in a contributed module
  • how to migrate data from another website to Drupal website
  • how to fix issues with Drupal theme
  • new module for a feature implementation
  • how to apply latest security release from drupal.org

How It Works?

Individuals and organisations requiring occasional support and development services for such listed tasks can reach out to Gloscon by an email or call or skype us for paid support in Drupal (click here for contact details). Our team would contact you within 24-hours either by phone or email. Our team member may ask you to provide an admin access to your website to understand the issue. Upon reviewing your site they will either resolve the issue immediately if it is a configuration issue or would further ask for SSH/FTP access to your website or the database & code dump of your website to create another copy of your installation to further research. When research is over, we will provide you an effort estimate and cost for resolving the issue. All this should happen within 24 hours of your providing the required details. Upon your consent to proceed on the effort estimate, our team will solve the issue on a secured development server. You will be given access to our development server to review the changes. On your confirmation the team would submit you all the files involved or deploy the changes on your LIVE environment. You will soon be send an invoice for payment.

Is this service meant for you? Yes, it is for you if:

  • your are looking for general Drupal support or development
  • upfront planning or consulting or documentation prior to commencement of task is not expected
  • you need someone to quickly look into the issue and resolve it as soon as possible
  • expected effort requirement of the work is between 15 minutes to 20 hours
  • work can be performed remotely
  • you are existing customer of Gloscon

Even if you are not an existing customer of Gloscon, you can still be benefited by this service offering. However, we will need some time to review your environment before we fix your issues thus the response time could be slightly more. For existing customers it reduces response time as we would be knowing your environment very well.

How much it costs?

If you are a new customer or if you need instant fixes for your issues, the cost could be more. You can reduce your cost by subscribing for monthly Drupal Maintenance or Drupal Assistance services with commitment to 15 to 30 hours of billing per month. You can also signup for a dedicated resource for 3 months or more to further reduce the cost. To know about the pricing write to us at sales [at] gloscon [dot] com.

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