Sneak Preview Of Gloscon’s Hosted Solution Offerings

Gloscon has been working under the hood for last 2 years to build robust vertical hosted solutions in Drupal. Gloscon team has been working on various verticals for One Click Instant Drupal solutions.

Here is an example of a site of a Professional ( Doctor theme selected) which was acutually created from our solution. After the intial selection process and payment, it just took 2 minutes for the system to AUTOMATICALLY create this site – fully SEO friendly and ready to use right away without any manual intervention!

You can see the example at Our plan is to gurantee 24×7 Uptime,  apply regular security patches as a part of service and give  fanatical support to our clients. Our Gujarat Hosting Division is already providing 24×7 Support services to few prominent Drupal sites.

You will just have to point your name servers to and to start using the site. We do not create subdomains – if you have not pointed the domain to our name servers, you will have to wait till the DNS propagation goes through but if you have already pointed the domain to our name server prior to running the setup process and if the DNS changes have been propagated, you will be able to get your site up instantly!

We will gradually be adding Corporate, Business Directory, Publishing, Job Portals, Dating Solutions as well as 1 click install of a complex Social Networking site.

I am also soon going to focus in  getting Venture Capital and possibly bring in a North American Leadership team to speed up marketing of many of our solutions and services.

Stay tuned – there is lot more to come!