Dropping The Support For Our Drupal Contributions From Q2 2009

Gloscon Solutions has contributed for the between 2007 to 2009  to the community by maintaining the following Drupal modules.  We are constantly updating and upgrading modules for clients on paid engagements and leave it to clients to contribute the work back. We do work for hire and our clients are final deciding authority on contributing on their individual accounts on drupal.org 

Following are some of the modules we maintain between 2007 to 2009.

Gujarati translation (131 commits)
Creative Commons Lite (106 commits)
E-Publish (56 commits)
Multisite Search (21 commits)
Sandbox (21 commits)
Get Clicky (17 commits)
Node Blaster (3 commits)
Subdomain Manager (1 commit)

Now over a decade later, many of the above modules are not in active development and not available in Drupal 9. We will continue to promote Drupal in general by Conducting Seminars, Participating/Organizing Drupal Camps.

Drupal Module development has evolved over years along with templating systems which has evolved over the years. You need to have solid understanding of Entity Types, Field Types and Drupal Subsystems today in Drupal 9 module development. There is a significant learning curve to port modules from Drupal 6/7 to Drupal 8 with APIs and then to Drupal 9 APIs. Now with every module you are writing automated tests.

You can do very complex custom Drupal 9 module development  which involves Javascript integration, Database API with Symfony dependency updated to Symfony 4.4. When you write custom module, make sure you try and have forward compatibility to Symfony 5.

From Smarty Template in Drupal 4.7 to PHP Template Engine up to Drupal 7, Twig 1 in Drupal 8 and Twig 2 in Drupal 9, the developers also have to be very familiar with these changing when trying to Upgrade / Migrate from Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 to latest Drupal 9.

When you write Automated tests for Drupal 9, make sure to add compatibility for PHPUnit 9.

And yes, now Drupal 9 minimum requirement is PHP 7.3.

Call our team of Drupal experts who can help you with you Drupal 9 development, Upgrade, Drupal migration as well as any Custom Drupal 9 Module development requirement.  Our offices are in India and we do have project managers working in US/ Canada in North American time zones coordinating  and working closely with our customers.

We guarantee our work to confirm to best Drupal Practices as one of the oldest Drupal specialized shops of India.