Dropping The Support For Our Drupal Contributions From Q2 2009

Gloscon Solutions has contributed for the past 2 years to the community by maintaining the following Drupal modules. Its time to move on for us as I personally haven’t seen any ROI  coming out of it.

We will be taking care of as many requests as we can for till March 31 2009 after which we will be handing over the maintainership to whoever wants it.

Gujarati translation (131 commits)
Creative Commons Lite (106 commits)
E-Publish (56 commits)
Multisite Search (21 commits)
Sandbox (21 commits)
Get Clicky (17 commits)
Node Blaster (3 commits)
Subdomain Manager (1 commit)

Some of the above modules are not in active development. We will continue to promote Drupal in general by Conducting Seminars, Participating/Organizing Drupal Camps.