Adapting With Today’s Challenges

Open Source Software Services Sector is booming and still has considerable growth story even in these challenging economic times. Content Management Systems are in demand because they not only help in getting your marketing message our quicker without getting a techie involved, it also helps you run a lean operation without having the need for having an IT department to manage yoru website.

With recent turmoil in US economy, company is witnessing that the flow of money from large companies to small ones is becoming slower. We are also seeing lengthening of receivables and customers are finding every possible excuse to put pressure on company’s receivables. Many clients have defaulted in payments.

Earlier Gloscon was taking advance payments in most cases prior to starting the project because client’s sign tight contracts with us. But with changing times, Gloscon has made amendments in the contracts to ensure that payments are received in stages and 100% payment is delivered prior to deploying the solution on Client servers.

Many other clauses have also been inserted in the existing Master Services Agreement that make it challenging for clients in case they choose to default on payments.

While there is slowdown on services side of business and pressure on rates, we are not seeing any impact in our 24×7 Infrastructure Monitoring/Application support service business. And the best part is that our Verticals(One-Click Hosted Solution offerings) are seeing very good spurt in demand globally as many clients are going down the route of choosing Hosted solution over a custom built solution.

Gloscon Solutions Pvt Limited is one of the larger players providing Drupal, Ruby on Rails and Linux Infrastructure Monitoring Services. Gloscon is a 100% debt free company and recently announced 1500% dividend to its equity owners.

We are also trying to cut discretionary expenditures like frequent parties, travel and conferences. Unlike other companies which will not be hiring this year, we will continue to hire 10 to 15 full time employees and over 20 interns students from the various Universities across Gujarat. With no-one in the local market in India hiring, we are fortunate to be getting some very solid candidates showing interest to join us to build careers in Drupal and Ruby on Rails.

I am also requesting employees to put 1 additional hour every day to work on our products.