Gloscon Solutions Announces Bodylia Website Launch Using Magento

AHMEDABAD, INDIA. – Gloscon, as one of the country’s leading Drupal and Ruby on Rails solutions company today added another product in its offering – “Magento”, the number one shopping cart technology for internet merchandising.

Gloscon solutions has been using Drupal + Ubercart and Drupal Commerce for its Drupal sites but now has widened its expertise to the most flexible and functional eCommerce solution available “Magento”.

On Tuesday, October 9th, Gloscon solutions successfully launched the brand new Bodylia website using Magento. The team at Bodylia was looking for various solutions for eCommerce and gave a thoughtful consideration to Magento. Gloscon’s CEO is also investor / partner in and tilting the decision in favour of Magento and not Drupal Commerce was extensively debated. Gloscon team has new to Magento but developers were very excited to take on this project for due to Magento’s popularity and its dominance in eCommerce sites, as well as the product offering Bodylia aims to offer the global customers. Bodylia aims to offer products via its website that focuses on outer and inner body needs from prevention, cure, fitness, health, style and eco-friendly options. Taking care of outer and inner body needs and putting an e-commerce platform for worldwide customers has the incredible potential to help people with their inner and outer needs. Since the launch, Bodylia website has run smoothly and has not encountered any problems.

Although Bodylia does not have an extensive offering yet and we have only limited products on offer, the structure of their website ( was created to be very complex with the expectation that the number of available products will increase quickly in the coming months. Gloscon’s design and development of the website focused on organizing all of the site’s data so that customers would be directed to the product they are looking for quickly and easily. One of the other main intentions behind Bodylia website design was to highlight the stories of the people who have purchased and used our products. Bodylia will continue to update their site with new products and customer stories from all over the world.

The design of Bodylia website demonstrates the ability of Gloscon Solutions to create complex technical and functional website solutions, as well as demonstrating the capabilities of the Magento platform. The advanced and vastly improved eCommerce solutions Gloscon has provided for Bodylia site have resulted in a functional, high performance Magento-hosted website providing customers with the most advanced online store technology available. There are not many other web development firms in Gujarat state that can boast what Gloscon makes happen every day with its various solutions around Drupal, Ruby on Rails and Magento and new innovations that company brings out. Entire Gloscon team is proud of the new Bodylia website and are confident the marketing and SEO features of Magento will help improve their visibility and sales.

For more information about Gloscon’s expertise with the Magento platform, please contact us at ">.