Ruby On Rails Hosting

Selecting a proper web hosting service provider is dependent upon a number of factors like

1) What is your traffic requirements?
2) Do you need shell access?
3) Dedicated virtual server or shared hosting?
4) Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Domains?
5) Server uptime requirements?
6) Server software requirements?
7) Server robustness

We at Gloscon, will not only guide you for selecting the best hosting plans for your requirements but also provide you with those services. RailsHouse provides a highly reliable and stable web hosting services based on LAMR (Linux, Apache, MySql, Ruby) apart from that we also provide web servers such as Lighttpd and database such as Postgres.

We care about the security and so we monitor our hosting services and take necessary steps to measure it. We also take care about QoS to our customers and make sure that the service is available continuously without any downtime. Gloscon now has started where we offer VPS Hosting for our clients. Currently we only have 1 plan available.